The Lets Walk Business Shop

This collection of audios are designed for busy business women who want to grow their business, simply and with ease.

Each set works on a different area of business and mindset and will help you step up into your true potential as the boss of your business.

The audios are designed for use while walking to encourage time away from the desk and laptop, but can be used anytime, anywhere in whatever way works.

Each audio is recorded by Judith while out walking so you feel like you’re taking a walk with a trusted and knowledgeable coach – a coach in your pocket.

Being Boss Audio Trio

Being the Boss

This business trio will help you gain powerful insights, mindset shifts and up-levelled thinking about yourself as the Leader of your own business. The audios are interactive with information, prompts and questions that you can action immediately on return to your workplace.

Having your own business and being your own boss is exciting and challenging. It’s also busy, with a lot of things to juggle which can lead getting stuck in the ‘doing’ with little time to think, be creative and make the best decisions needed for longer term vision and growth.

Taking these audios out with you, walking, will help you to create that all important headspace to work on the bigger picture and your plans, instead of just getting through your never ending ‘to do’ list.

Top CEO’s diary in thinking and strategy time, so why not you!