I really enjoyed my Voxer session with Judith. It was great to be able to spend 4 hours getting to the bottom of a challenge that had me going around in circles. Having Judith there asking questions, challenging me, getting clarification on things really helped me see things from a different perspective and consider factors that I’d previously ignored. This enabled me to make a decision around something I’ve felt stuck about for a long time. I also liked using Voxer, because it gave me time to think more deeply about things, and I could potter around the kitchen thinking about it which helps with creativity too.

Thea Jolly
Thea’s Voxer Day

“I was apprehensive about signing up to another membership, afraid that I wouldn’t use it. Thankfully I decided to commit, and it’s proven that by investing, I am invested…I’ve been making times for walks (and runs) that I wouldn’t otherwise have done. I’ve really enjoyed the thought provoking content and questions that Judith asks, it’s like a coach in your back pocket (at a fraction of the cost), along with a motivator to get outside and discover beautiful places on my doorstep.”

Catherine GallagherFounder - Redpoint Mentoring

“Had to share. Took myself out for a walk with virtual Judith. Listened, took notes and went home. What I achieved:

  • very clear head
  • masses of ideas
  • I updated my website – something I needed to do for about 4 years!

So yes, a HUGE success. I can see this working incredibly well for me.”

Linda JohnstoneFounder - Linda Johnstone Photography

“I got out at 6pm for a walk in the woods with the first two audios and LOVED it. Thank you for creating this Judith, I can see it being really beneficial and making me carve out headspace and exercise time.”

Kate StansfieldFounder - Kate Stansfield Translations


“Hi Judith, I finally got around to walking and listening to the first audio. Thank you for the time and space to ask ourselves the questions. I remembered why I do what I do and it’s made me even more grateful for creating a business in which I can immerse myself in my passion without guilt!”

Helen ReynoldsFounder - Helen Reynolds Style


“A lovely walk while masterminding how to progress your business, doesn’t matter how stuck I feel I always leave with clarity and focus on how to move my business, and sometimes life, in the right direction. I look forward to these walks every month.”

Laura Dwelly

“I got out for a walk today for the first time in over a week as I have not been too well. Nothing serious, just took every ounce of energy to keep working!

I listened to the Focus audio and that was great. I have put a system in place to keep me on plan with my workload, today I am a little bit distracted but I think that is because I am just a bit jittery about having all my invoices paid quickly. In a month or two I will be moving onto being paid up front for my service – something I have dreamed of from day 1. Thank you Judith Rayner, these audios are really helping me x”

Sarah CrownerFounder - Crown VA Services


“Judith’s Walk and Talk Business Club is fantastic. She sends regular audios that we can listen to on my walks which means I don’t need to live near Judith to experience her magic.

As a business owner it is hard to know what your next step should be with so much noise in the online world. Judith holds space so that we can walk away from our computer screen and get outside. She encourages us to listen to ourselves and our own instincts. To trust ourselves more.

I highly recommend Judith’s global membership group for business owners who want accountability to walk more but to use the time to effectively reflect on their business, self care and next steps.”

Lisa BarryFounder - Lisa Barry Online

“Hi Judith, I just wanted to say how much the 90 Day Success Club is helping me. I could feel the benefits within the first couple of weeks. It was great for me to have a 3 month plan broken down into months and weeks so it was really easy to stay on track and keep myself focussed. But another way it’s really helping it that it’s showing me how much I’m actually getting done. Normally I focus on what I haven’t done, and celebrating each week what I’ve achieved is very powerful and creates massive momentum.

Thea Jolly

“Having a regular, weekly call with Judith has given a framework to my working week. Her insight, ability to keep me focused on my ‘true’ goals, and gift for thinking around a problem to come up with a perfect solution are second to none. With her help, in just a few months I have developed and delivered a successful event for my clients, increased my revenue, refined many of my business processes and eliminated time wasting activities. She is a star. If you are looking for this kind of support in your business, look no further.”

Pip Evan-Cook
Pip Evan-Cook