“I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business, if it weren’t for Judith’s group.  I’ve achieved so much in such a short time – my business is really taking off”

Nanette Jones

Being a business owner is not easy for me, I miss being part of a team and having a boss looking over my shoulder at what I’m doing. I also miss having a sounding board for my ideas and someone to help me develop them. I have known Judith for a number of years, but I hadn’t thought about asking her to coach me before. When she reminded me that she offers an accountability service, it suddenly became obvious that she would be the ideal person to help me get my ideas off the ground and make them a reality.

Having a regular, weekly call with Judith has given a framework to my working week. Her insight, ability to keep me focused on my ‘true’ goals, and gift for thinking around a problem to come up with a perfect solution are second to none. With her help, in just a few months I have developed and delivered a successful event for my clients, increased my revenue, refined many of my business processes and eliminated time wasting activities. She is a star. If you are looking for this kind of support in your business, look no further

Pip Evan-Cook
Pip Evan-CookThe Marketing Architect

I like walking and I like talking but I wasn’t sure how they’d fit together into a transformational coaching experience. It all quickly became clear, as Judith skilfully helped me define my goals for this VIP Intensive, before taking me on a walk through beautiful countryside and finishing with a delicious and welcome lunch. The whole event was wonderful, but the walk in particular, offered loads of splendid opportunities to move and shift, both physically and metaphorically. The result was I uncovered momentum for a project that had just been an idea, and less than two weeks later is now a reality. Without this walk, I’m pretty sure it’d still be languishing. Judith’s gentle positivity, techniques and cheerleading ability is so motivating that I’d recommend this day to you if you need or want some personal/professional development work that doesn’t actually feel like work.

Jo Gillibrand
Jo Gillibrand
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I love Judith’s Walk and Talk sessions. Judith has come up with the inspired idea to get us entrepreneurs away from our desks, meeting new people and problem solving all in one go. I have been able to bring along my business dilemmas and draw on the experience of everyone at the walk to find a solution and commit to action. Personally I have made great contacts and have had fantastic insights and advice from other ‘walker and talkers’ that I have been able to take into my own business. A dose of the great outdoors is also a fantastic tonic for brain freeze and really gets those creative juices flowing. Thank you Judith for putting the Walk and Talk sessions together – they are top notch and highly recommended.

Claire Scott
Claire ScottFounder - Ops Angel

I am a complete ambassador, it has done wonders for my business and my head. I am in a completely different and better place thanks to Walk&Talk4Success

Emily WrightWright Works

Walk&Talk4success is unlike any business group I have ever participated in. I come away from each session with so much energy and clarity…..Through the group I have met so many inspiring business owners and benefited from their wealth of knowledge and support.

Fran SiverswildHOWL design