Let’s Walk Business Membership

From head down and desk bound to creativity and growth

Let’s Walk Business membership supports, inspires and connects business women like you and me, around the world through walking – helping you and your business to thrive!

Clear your head, enjoy guilt-free exercise and take some time out while working ON your business with guided business topics, training and expert interviews, delivered as audio’s to listen to whilst walking.

Running your own business isn’t easy


Does building your business sometimes feel like wading through treacle?

You started because you wanted freedom from office politics, you had a burning desire to be a successful business owner, to create something just for you that you’re proud of, to make an impact or to leave a legacy. Now you’re so busy rushing from one client to another, dealing with everything from marketing to accounts, that you never seem to have time to step back and look at the big picture.


As part of The Let’s Walk Business membership community you will have support, guidance and connection.You will re-ignite your belief in yourself and what you do, discover tools and strategies to get you moving forward – as you develop yourself and your business.


Not only that, you’ll have the accountability of being part of a group of likeminded business women all walking and developing their businesses together.

Why walk?


Have you ever noticed that people tend to get their best ideas when they aren’t sitting at their desks? You hear someone say “It just occurred to me in the shower” or “I had a flash of inspiration while I was walking the dog.”


There are lots of reasons for this, but two important ones are that exercise gets oxygen flowing to your brain, and doing something like walking distracts those mind monkeys long enough for your deeper thinking to get a word in!


Not only that, nature provides endless inspiration. Just imagine pondering your business while sitting under a tree, gazing out over a lake or admiring a stunning view. It’s like living in your own motivational meme!

A powerful combination


This membership isn’t just about walking though, it’s also about real and practical steps you can take to get where you want to be in business. This is walking with purpose!


The unique audio recordings mean that you feel as if I’m walking alongside you, having a conversation about you and your business. You’ll have the perfect excuse to escape the office and work paraphernalia, giving yourself much needed time to reflect. Not only that, these sessions are very interactive. It’s not about being talked at or set homework for later, you’ll have plenty of time to think and absorb ideas as you go.


As a qualified coach, I will help you to get really clear on what you want and why, then to find your own way of doing things that works for you and gets results. I will give you knowledge, support, encouragement and a community that will lift you up on the hard days and put you back on your feet. I will give you practical tools and help with things like planning, keeping on track and doing less but achieving more.


Through Let’s Walk Business you will learn to find a balance, yet keep moving. You’ll feel calmer and in control of where your business is heading. You will be part of a community of women who understand, who celebrate your wins and inspire you to bigger and better things.


It’s an empowering thought!


“I had a lovely walk just now listening to your SpringClean audio. I have lots to spring clean and declutter and it was good to prioritise from the calm centred space that being in nature gives me.”

Thea Jolly

What do members get?


As a member you will be sent pre-recorded MP3s which you can listen to while you walk. These are different to podcasts or audio books, they’re interactive sessions with a short lesson followed by questions and things you can think about and action when you get back to the “office”, You also have the opportunity to collaborate and connect in our private facebook group, so you’ll never feel alone!

  • Two 30 minute MP3s a month.
  • Get prompts to go out into the fresh air and clear your head, so you can think about the topic at hand
  • Emails with notes and tips, so you don’t have to worry about writing things down while you walk.
  • Regular guest expert interviews and trainings – everything from mindfulness to marketing, Feng Shui to Facebook
  • Connect with others on the same journey in the private Facebook group – share photos of your walks, discuss topics and celebrate business breakthroughs
  • Enjoy guilt free me-time with built in exercise
  • Walk at your own pace, in a location that suits you, whether that’s climbing a mountain or pushing a pram around the park

Our vision is a worldwide movement of women business owners. All taking time out of their whirlwind lives to see the bigger picture. To take them and their business to the next level.

Be part of something bigger!

for just £15 a month 

This is your membership price for as long as you stay.

And every month you’re a member,  you’ll be helping to re-plant a rain-forest,

through our  Charity Partner TreeSisters.org

 That’s a global community of women walking and growing businesses they love – creating  impact for themselves, their families and the planet.

Still not sure? Here’s what some lovely members have to say

“Can I just say WOW! That first audio is very powerful. I think I’ve been hiding from the fact that I’m not particularly enjoying what I do but relentlessly slogging away at trying to get better at it. It sort of gave me permission to be honest with myself.”

Louise Potter

“Really enjoyed the springclean audio Judith. I’ve often thought about having a tidy up in terms of files, or web content, etc, but you introduced me to lots of new suggestions of areas to tidy up that I hadn’t considered before. thank you!”

Pip Evan-Cook

“Hi Judith, I finally got around to walking and listening to the first audio. Thank you for the time and space to ask ourselves the questions.

I remembered why I do what I do and its made me even more grateful for creating a business in which I can immerse myself in my passion without guilt!”

Helen Reynolds

“Listened to it again on my walk today, so it’s certainly encouraged me to break up my day.  Loved listening to you, I felt as if you were walking with me!”

Mary Ellen McPhail


How long does my membership last?  It’s a rolling monthly membership with no fixed term, so you can stay as long as you want to.

How long are the MP3s?  About 30 minutes each

What equipment do I need?  Just a smartphone or MP3 player, some headphones and your walking shoes

Do I need internet access while I walk?  You will download the MP3 before you set off, so it doesn’t matter if you walk in places without internet access.

How do I receive the material? You will be sent an email with everything you need, including links to download the MP3s

Will I walk with other people?  You can walk on your own or choose to get together with a local walking buddy, we might even organise “virtual walks” if that’s something the group wants.

Do I have to listen at a particular time? You can go for your walk at any time that suits you. We may organise walks at particular times so that you can benefit from group discussions afterwards, but these will be optional. Of course you should always walk at a time when it’s safe to do so, especially if you are in a different climate or time zone to other members.

But it’s awful out there! Won’t I miss out when it’s not walking weather?  Of course you need to stay safe, if you are in the middle of a storm or extreme heat then it may be best to stay indoors. Sometimes a treadmill, walking somewhere like a shopping centre or even an indoor athletics track, can be a good alternative. In a lot of situations, though, what we think of as bad weather can be easily overcome by things like wearing the right clothing, and taking water with you if it’s hot. You can also plan to walk in the shade of some trees to stay out of the sun, or avoid a windy clifftop path when it’s raining. If you take sensible precautions, you may find you enjoy your walk more than you thought you would.

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